About Us

SkyHawk Binoculars has been in business since 2002 when we introduced our first SkyHawk Ultra High-Powered Binoculars, our 9401 model. At that time, we recognized the need for a high powered binocular system. We have been pushing the envelope of high powered binoculars ever since to where we are today with our amazing SkyHawk 9800 Binoculars. Simply put, our SkyHawk 9800 Complete Set is the very best high powered viewing system in the world, combining our SkyHawk 9800 25x/40x 100mm Binoculars with our SkyHawk 9800 Professional Video Tri-Pod and Wheel Set. There is truly no other system in the world that compares.

We are also on the cutting edge of binocular technology with our SkyHawk Smartphone Photo Adaptor, which gives you the option of taking amazing pictures and video straight to your Smartphone of anything you can see through our SkyHawk 9800 Binoculars. SkyHawk Binoculars is continuing to push the envelope with the recent introduction of our SkyHawk 4600 7x50mm Waterproof Marine Binoculars. We have taken the quality and durability of our SkyHawk 9800 Binoculars, and have packed them into a mighty 100% waterproof marine binocular with built in compass, which are ideal for any type of boating situation.
SkyHawk Binoculars has always been and continues to be a family owned company, owned and operated by Kevin and Karen Longfellow of Encinitas, CA. We are a small but mighty company. We have the manufacturing capabilities of the larger binoculars companies, but the compassion and agility of a small family owned business. We stress customer service and satisfaction, and really do consider all of our customers’ part of the SkyHawk family. We truly love what we do, and are incredibly passionate about not only our products, but the way we conduct ourselves as a business. If you are already an existing SkyHawk customer, thank you very much for visiting our site. If you are a potential SkyHawk customer, we hope you will become a part of the SkyHawk family!
Kevin Longfellow, Managing Partner Dean-Martin Enterprises, LLC d.b.a. SkyHawk Binoculars