Look How SkyHawk Takes The Lead Over Oberwerk

Model SkyHawk 9600 Oberwerk BT-100-45
Base Price $2,495.00 $2,295.00
Total Weight 28 lbs 42 lbs
Binocular Weight 17 lbs (10 lbs lighter - easier to carry) 26.5 lbs
Binocular Objective 100mm 100mm
Eyepiece/Ocular Power 25x & 40x (40x lenses included free) 25x Only (38x lenses $179.95 extra!!)
Eyepiece Mounting 45-degree angled mounting
45-degree angled mounting
Nitrogen Filled Yes Yes
Objective Lens Covers Included
Binocular Case Volume 1.2 cubic feet Volume 2.6 cubic feet
Tripod Material Anodized Aluminum (11 lbs) Softwood (16 lbs) (Manfrotto Tri-Pod $400 extra!!)
Tripod Fluid Panhead Fluid Panhead Included Fluid Panhead Not Included (Oberwerk 5000 $120 extra!!)
Tripod Center Support System Fully adjustable Non Adjustable
Tripod Vertical Height Adjustment Vertical Height Adjustment Included No Instant Vertical Adjustment
Tripod Leveling Bubbles Included Not Provided
Tripod Feet Covering Soft Rubber Feet Hard Metal Feet
Tripod Dolly Soft-Rubber Wheeled Dolly Dolly Not Provided ($340 extra!!)
Total Cost For Same Features $2,495 Extras Included For Free $3335 with Similar Features


Expanded Binocular & Tripod Comparison SkyHawk 9600 and Oberwerk BT-199-45

Base Price:

SkyHawk 9600 price is $2,495
Oberwerk BT-100-45 price is $2,295 ($3335 with Similar Features!!!)


SkyHawk 9600 binoculars and tripod weigh a total of 28 pounds.
Oberwerk BT-100-45 binoculars and tripod weigh a total of 42.5 pounds.

The lighter SkyHawk's have a distinct advantage for mobility inside your home and portability during outside use.

Eyepiece/Ocular Power:

SkyHawk 9600 provides both 25-power and 40-power eyepieces.
Oberwerk BT-100-45 provides only a 25-power eyepiece.
Oberwerk's 38-power eyepieces cost an extra $179.95 per pair!!

Eyepiece Mounting:

The 45-degree angled eyepiece design is superior to a straight-line design in three ways:

  1. Safety: It allows the binoculars to sit on the tripod at a lower height for use. Since the weight of the binoculars is lower it makes the binoculars harder to get accidentally knocked over if someone bumps into them. 
  2. Comfort: It is easier and more comfortable for viewers to look into a 45-degree angled eyepiece design than a straight-line mounting.
  3. Function: You can see objects that are much higher in the sky with the 45-degree angled design while keeping the tripod at a relatively low height.

Objective Lens Covers:

SkyHawk 9600 comes with protective objective lens dust covers for free.
Oberwerk Bt-100-45 does not come with any lens dust covers

Binocular Carrying Case:

SkyHawk binoculars are lighter and smaller (they have retractable built-in sun shades) so they can fit into a manageably sized carrying case, less than half the size of the competition.

Skyhawk 9600 aluminum carrying case measures only L19.5" W13" H8.5"
Oberwerk BT-100-45 aluminum carrying case measures L27.5" W14" H12"

 Comparison Cases

The Oberwerk Bt-100-45 carrrying case is more than twice as larger as the SkyHawk 9600, making our case much easier to carry and to store whether you're at home or taken on the road.

Tripod Material:

SkyHawk 9600 uses an Anodized Aluminum Tripod (weight 11 pounds), and is has quick adjustment features.
Oberwerk BT_100-45 uses a Softwood-Tripod (weight 16 pounds).

Tripod Fluid Panhead:

Fluid panheads are what most professional filmmaker's use in Holllywood. A fluid panhead allows you to smoothly follow moving objects and when you stop moving the binoculars they stay in place. The tensions and drags that control fluid panheads are fully adjustable to the user's personal preferences.

SkyHawk 9600 provides a fuid panhead for free.
Oberwerk BT-100-45 does not provide a fluid panhead. 

Tripod Center Support System:

Tripods that hold 100mm binoculars require a center support system that provides extra strength and stability to the tripod.

SkyHawk 9600 provides a fully adjustable anodized aluminum center support system with telescoping arms that adjusts for uneven terrain. Oberwerk BT-100-45 tripod dos not provide an adjustable center support system but does provide a plastic unadjustable one.

Tripod Vertical Height Adjustment:

Most modern tripod designs use a crank driven vertical height adjsutment system so when people of different heights want to use the tripod each can instantly raise or lower the tripod for their personal viewing height.

SkyHawk 9600 tripod provides "one-foot" of instant vertical height adjustment using a crank handle design.
Oberwerk BT-100-45 tripod does not have an instant crank vertical adjustment. To raise or lower the Oberwerk BT-100-45 tripod even an inch you must re-adjust all three legs at one time. Oberwerk will sell you a Manfrotto Tripod with the same vertical feature for an extra $485!!

Tripod Leveling Bubble:

Tripods need to be set level to the horizon for comfortable viewing. The fast and accurate way to accomplish this is to use a leveling bubble.

SkyHawk 9600 tripod has two leveling bubbles built-in for accurate leveling. Oberwerk BT-100-45 tripod does not have any leveling bubbles.

Tripod Dolly:

The tripod dolly allows you to move your high powered binocular set around your home without worry of dropping and damaging the binoculars. They offer mobility to move the binoculars from room to room and from indoors to outdoors. They have soft rubber wheels to prevent scratching floors and the wheels lock once in viewing position. 

SkyHawk 9600 provides a stainless steel dolly set.
Oberwerk BT-100-45 does not provide a dolly set. Oberwerk sells a Manfrotto tripod dolly for an extra cost of $340!!!


Our SkyHawk 9600 Complete Set has one base price including all up-to-date features that our competitor charges extra, saving you $840!!

With Oberwerk, do you notice a pattern? Go back through this page and count how many times we had to use the word "extra" when describing their prices!! With our incredible SkyHawk 9600 Complete Set, we give you everything you need up front with one honest price! Furthermore, everything you are getting is our very best! Let's revisit the Oberwerk business model...here's our product at this price, but for additional power eyepieces, you guessed it. Extra!! Oh, and how about a tri-pod that will actually hold the binoculars steady enough, and give you the ability to raise and lower them with ease. Yep, EXTRA!! Oh, you want to actually be able to move their incredibly heavy binoculars and tri-pod around your home with ease? You can with the wheel dolly, but it's going to cost you, EXTRA! 


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*www.skyhawkoptics.com October 2017